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Study abroad

Photo: Fabian Stürtz

In each academic year, students of the Faculty of Law have the opportunity to study law for one semester (usually the winter semester) or two semesters at one of the foreign partner universities (in London a stay is only possible for a full academic year). The selected students receive a scholarship (mobility grant) between 300 and 400 euros for max. 10 months. The ERASMUS program can be sponsored up to three times: once during the state examination, a second time as part of a master's program, and finally as a doctoral student for the third time.

In addition to the ERASMUS partnerships, there are also other university partnerships worldwide. Students can apply for stays at partner universities in the US, China, India and Russia. Students interested in these countries can apply to Department 9 / Internationales for a PROMOS scholarship. If you would like to study for a semester abroad at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, you have the opportunity to apply for a GO EAST scholarship and get the chance to receive a monthly grant including a travel allowance. Every year, there is the opportunity to receive a DAAD-sponsored scholarship to study abroad at the partner university in Beijing.